Website Metropolis nominated for Prix Europa

18 september, 2009

Metropolis TV, a media concept of the VPRO in association with Hivos, works with young, talented correspondents from all over the world from Berlin to Jakarta and from Kigali to La Paz. More than fifty correspondents report their stories for Metropolis TV. Every week revolves around a different theme. It’s already a success in The Netherlands and in other foreign countries.

The tv-programme Metropolis TV started in April 2008. The TV-programme won an Dutch NPOX-award in he same year. This is an important public service broadcasting award for innovative TV-programmes in The Netherlands.

Hivos contributes with Metropolis to the development of the so-called citizen journalism, where citizens are encouraged to get involved into journalism. Such initiatives of citizens can promote freedom of speech in a country.

On Monday, September 21 at 22.50 at the Dutch channel Nederland 2 an extra episode of Metropolis will be aired. In this first special show of Metropolis, we follow Dong Bing, Mary, and Nick Andala. They’re young people living on different continents who have decided to move to the big city.

The new season starts on October 9 at the Dutch channel Nederland 3. Every Friday at 23.50.

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