Twitterthon, Blogathon, Thinkathon

18 april, 2011


Following an intense debate about whether twitter could be the catalyst of impactful action, South African youngsters hosted an #IsaidNo Twitterthon on 19 November 2010: 60 hours of non-stop tweeting against sexual violence. It was the start of a steady-growing campaign. The well-known South African poet Tumi Molekane kicked it off with the theme-song #Powa, singing on South Africa’s leading channel: "No one man should have all that power".


Internet is also playing an increasingly important role in the Indian project Blank Noise. When Jasmeen Patheja was an 18 year old student she protested against sexual harassment in public spaces. In 2005 she started uploading photographs of her harasser, taken with her mobile phone. When comments immediately started flooding in, Blank Noise realized that cyber space is also a kind of public space that can give shape to the public conversation. Jasmeen created a Blogathon, that collects stories of women across the world dealing with street sexual violence.


More information about these two case studies can be found in the position papers, written for Digital Natives with a Cause? Thinkathon, the Hivos Knowledge Programme organised in December 2010  in the Hague. Young people from Asia and Africa provided Hivos with their take on social change and political participation.

Two workshops in Taiwan and South Africa brought together 50 Digital Natives from Asia and Africa. The ‘Talking Back’ workshop in Taiwan looked at the politics, implications and processes of talking back and being political. The ‘My Bubble, My Voice and My Space’ workshop in Johannesburg looked at change, change processes and the role of Digital Natives in it. In February 2011 a third workshop took place in Chili. Follow the bloggers at

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