Music and arts in Uganda

12 mei, 2009


The Festival


The Bayimba International Festival of Music and Arts was in 2008 the first ever organised festival in Uganda. With three days of live performances, the festival broke through with the fusion of music and arts and an exchange between cultures with several local, regional and international artists sharing the same platform with their sounds, beats and moves of joy and excitement.


The Festival also allowed a wider public to explore a range of exciting performances, including Ugandan performers that are setting for exposure to the world. Dance and fashion were also part of the Festival programme, which significantly added to the spectrum of performing arts in Uganda and East Africa. Besides performances, the Festival grounds provided space to others to expose their cultural creativity. Arts and handcraft exhibitors, including creative women groups that aim at self empowerment, organised their exhibition stalls. There was also a dome for African cinema, showing revolutionary films and documentaries about the development of music and arts in Africa.


Through the Festival the Foundation was able to send out the message that sharing ideas and experiences is a key factor in developing individual artists and bringing culture in Uganda and East Africa to a higher level. It is also the way to create a better understanding of our culture and creating awareness for the role of culture in development. The Festival was the first step in creating a vibrant platform for cultural exchange and learning in Uganda and East Africa.


Bayimba Cultural Foundation was founded in 2006 after an extensive exploration of the state of culture in Uganda and East Africa. Its aim is to uplift culture (specifically music and arts) in Uganda and East African by stimulating original intra- and interdisciplinary cultural exchange and creativity.

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