Mission Possible

18 april, 2011

Big bang
The Hivos Knowledge Programme closely follows the developments in the Middle East. ‘There is plenty of fascinating information on the website about the Arab revolutions, both crucial moments and also profound commentaries‘, explains Hivos employee Kawa Hassan. ‘Democracy in the Arab world used to be unthinkable. It is truly unprecedented that the Arab people are bringing down dictators. The impossible has become possible: a political big bang is taking place forcing us to adjust our view of the region.’

The power of the people
These developments in the Middle East are important to everyone, all over the world. They shed new light on the power of ordinary people. Take for example the following articles, news items and commentaries:

Why Tunisia and not Iran?

The fall of the Arab Berlin Wall?

About citizens activism

Join in the debate!
Discuss the implications of the revolutions. What are the Paradoxes of Arab Refo-lutions? Will there be a democracy and if so, what form of democracy?  ‘Feel free to comment on the articles. The Hivos Knowledge Programme is the ideal place for debates between various parts of the world’, according to Hassan.

The English newsletter of the Hivos knowledge programme in Western Asia and the Middle East offers more in-depth articles on the ideas behind democratisation as well as the practical road to a democratic society.  The third issue of this newsletter focuses entirely on the uprisings in the Middle East. The newsletter is published four times a year. If you would like to receive it, please send a message to west.asia.newsletter@uva.nl.

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