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JASS creates knowledge and noise

13 augustus, 2010

This feminist from Zimbabwe has come to the right place at Just Associates (JASS). JASS focuses on rebuilding, diversifying and broadening the scope of feminist movements. It combines training, learning, documentation, and action at regional and international levels.

JASS strengthens the voice, visibility and collective organizing power of women to create a just world. Feminist movement building is the key phrase: "We must organize and mobilize the power of our numbers for safety, visibility and influence, and to resist, question and transform ideologies of exploitation and oppression," write the founders on

Noisy action
The network of women and women’s organizations linked to JASS has rapidly spread throughout the world since 2006. In four-day sessions local women’s movements are inspired and mobilized whether it is in Zambia, Vietnam, or El Salvador. This is how a global community of social justice activists, scholars and popular educators is created in more than 30 countries worldwide. Combining knowledge and noise is what makes Just Associates innovative and strong: "Information, messages and good ideas are never enough to shift power. Numbers of citizens, united through action and alliances at critical moments, must use communication to ramp up the noise."

Women crossing the line
"If my rights are violated and if I’m oppressed in any way, I have the right to speak out", says a young and confident African woman on Youtube "And I choose to use that right. Crossing the Line for me is speaking out about issues that I strongly feel are unjust towards women."

Written by Global Village Media /Margreet van der Hel.

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