Indonesian citizens in @ction

4 april, 2011

It becomes clear that the emergence of information technology, particularly the Internet, has given new impetus for the birth, or more precisely the reinvention, of civil society. This research shows how various civic engagements impact the shaping (i.e. construction and structuration) of the civil society in Indonesia, and more importantly, social change. It contributes to the overall debate on the use of social media and civil society organizations in Indonesia in particular and global at large.

@ksi Warga (Bahasa Indonesia)

Citizens in @ction
The research was led by Dr. Yanuar Nugroho. The report “Citizens in @ction” was launched in Manchester on the 4th of April 2011. It is a collaboration between Hivos Regional Office Southeast Asia, Manchester Institute of Innovation Research and University of Manchester.
Along with the presentation of the report the screening of a documentary movie on the same topic will is announced. The movie “linimas(s)a” (timeliners) was also co-funded by Hivos and has just been completed in early March 2011. It is the first documentary on social media and social movement in Indonesia.

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