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Films as discussion starters

13 augustus, 2010

Six minutes
A beautiful young woman is looking for a man for a serious relationship. She categorically insists that he be responsible and brave: he must be willing to get tested … In a six minute film script ‘Looking for a Brave Man’, the Senegalese Salimata Sy, aged 11, presents a dilemma that is all too familiar to African girls.

Young film makers
Scenarios from Africa is an HIV/aids communication process, underway since 1997, involving hundreds of organizations across Africa and beyond. Young people are given the opportunity to deal with their experiences by making a film script to start discussions about HIV/aids. "For lots of reasons, aids can be a difficult subject to talk about. Often, it seems difficult to know how to begin. The Scenarios films have been created specifically to help us trigger open dialogue about HIV/aids and how it affects our lives, our families, and our communities."

Passionate people
"To bolster the capacity of local partners we have to help them gain a more profound understanding of the people they serve. Partners view Scenarios from Africa as a welcome and unique way to learn more about the perspectives, concerns and potential solutions of local people and communities", explains Daniel Enger of Global Dialogues. "We have learned that it is our responsibility to sideline characters whose motivation has little to do with the response to HIV. We have to identify passionately dedicated, talented people of integrity. The increasing centralization of decision-making regarding ever-tighter HIV funding at country level often means that such people face enormous obstacles, yet they hold the key to putting an end to the epidemic. They must be empowered."

The most popular Scenarios films are:

  1. Sexually Transmitted Marks
  2. Just Once
  3. A Love Story
  4. The Volcano
  5. The Shop
  6. Under Pressure
  7. Looking for a Brave Man

Upcoming: Tiger, Tigress

Written by Global Village Media /Margreet van der Hel.

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