Business Plan and Budget Cuts

18 april, 2011

Business Plan
From 2011-2015 Hivos will focus on four main themes: Expression & Engagement, Rights & Citizenship, Green Entrepreneurship and Action for Change.

Approximately half of our funds are used to support social organisations that are active within the scope of these programmes. The other half is allocated towards wider initiatives together with other organisations. In the next five years, Hivos will increase its knowledge network in the South.

Twenty countries
The number of countries in which Hivos is active, will be limited to twenty. Hivos will no longer be active in Central Asia, Sri Lanka, Mozambique, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Belize and (from 2013) Namibia.

Two new regional offices will be added after 1 July 2011, allowing Hivos to further decentralise its activities. The Nairobi office will be responsible for our programmes in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. The other new regional office in La Paz, will cover Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador.

Budget Cuts
The substantial budget cuts that Hivos is confronted with will have far-reaching implications for our programmes. Hivos is forced to make difficult choices between programmes and countries.

•  Hivos has cancelled its plans for new programmes in Sierra Leone and Liberia as of 2011.

•  In South Africa, Hivos will only continue with its Rights & Citizenship programme.

•  In Honduras and Ecuador the Green Entrepreneurship programme will be discontinued.

•  In Cuba, Hivos will only continue to work on one programme: Green Entrepreneurship.

•  For virtually all other countries, the budgets have been reduced. This means that not all current partners can be continued to be supported by Hivos.

•  The number of Hivos employees at its head office and regional offices will be reduced.

The choices that Hivos has had to make for the next four years are described in more detail in our businessplan. If you have any questions, please contact the Hivos employee who is the coordinator for your region.

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