Alliance2015 publishes reports on Aid Effectiveness

7 juni, 2011

Among the most important commitments from the Accra agenda for Action (AAA) was the pledge of donors and recipient countries to engage with civil society when shaping national and sector level development policies. Alliance2015 has been following up on this commitment in five countries: Mozambique, Tanzania, Ghana, Cambodia, and Nicaragua.

EngagingIn those five countries, Alliance2015 has been supporting partners to engage with governments and donors. In Cambodia, for example, Alliance2015 supports a local NGO network to organise tripartite consultations between donors, the government and civil society on the implementation of the AAA in the country. Following the Paris Principles (see info in the column to the left), these activities are organised in coordination with other national and international NGOs.    

Preparing for the next HLF in Busan at the end of November 2011, Alliance2015 has produced five country briefs on the countries mentioned above plus a synthesis/analysis report of the five briefs – the Cross Country report Democratic Ownership beyond Busan – Building Inclusive Partnerships for Development.

Find the country briefs and the Cross Country report here.

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