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Despite the constitutional prohibition on discrimination of people because of their sexual orientation, gay, lesbian, bisexuals and transgender (GLBT) people are still subject to discrimination and social exclusion in Ecuador. Equidad is an organisation of gay men that wants to contribute to a better well being and the defence of the human rights of GLBT people. As the incidence of HIV-Aids is especially high amongst the gay and transvestite groups, Equidad works on prevention programs under its target groups. Also Equidad tries to bring about changes in government health policies, asking more attention for HIV-aids prevention and demanding non-discriminatory services as well as access tot treatment. Equidad is an active member of the ASICAL network that lobbies international institutions and national governments for gay-specific prevention and care programs.
The mission of Equidad is to promote policies that promote and defend the human rights; integral care for the health of GLBT communities including HIV/Aids, gay men and men that have sex with men; through influencing politics, offering services in a safe and healthy place and technical assistance.
Equidad has restructured its areas of work in the following programmes:
- Political lobby: advocacy to change policies on sexuality and HIV/AIDS through the mobilization of GLBT people and coordination in networks.
- GLBT community centre: the provision of information and services to GLBT people.
- Communication: formation and capacity building to GLBT groups, and improving the position and visibility of the organization.
Furthermore, Equidad undertook research on HIV/AIDS in relation to the LGBT community and fortified their activities and services within the communities, building a relation with their target group. As part of ASICAL and in cooperation with FAMVIDEA, Equidad has been in the lead in research on HIV/AIDS and contributed to the national HIV/AIDS proposal for the Global Fund.
Also, together with other organisations, Equidad worked in 2006 on a proposal for prevention of HIV/Aids. This proposal has been presented and is in process. Equidad's proposal for recognition of sexual diversity in the plans of Quito municipality, was approved in 2007.
Equidad is a small and young organisation that represents a sector of the gay community in Ecuador and is known for its pro-active stand in the national gay movement.
Hivos supports Equidad's programmes and institutional strengthening as they lobby for the rights of LGBTs and provide service and information to the LGBT community in Ecuador.

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Community based organization


Human Rights & Democratisation





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Promotion of sexual rights and prevention of HIV/AIDS for LGBTs in Ecuador, 2008-2010

DAC-sectors: Reproductive and sexual health (BSS)
Human rights
Location:Quito, Ecuador
Beneficiary: GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual) people
activityResearch and information services on LGBT helath rights
Direct outreach300 - Intermediary level
Indirect outreach5000 - Beneficiaries: poor and/or marginalised women and men
activityCampaigning for LGBT rights
Direct outreach100 - Policy level/ institutional
Indirect outreach5000 - Beneficiaries: poor and/or marginalised women and men
activityInstitutional Strengthening
Direct outreach20 - Intermediary level
Indirect outreach100 - Intermediary level
Contract total:126.000
Contractperiod:01-01-2008 until 31-12-2010 
Equidad continues its activities in the context of the political opportunities offered by the constitutional process. On the one hand, there is substantial opportunity to make progress in legal reforms towards non-discrimination for sexual orientation, sexual and reproductive rights, within a broadening of the concept of citizens' rights; on the other hand, rightist and religious forces in the country may pressurize for a turning back of the achievements on those matters. Continuous vigilance and campaigning, therefore, is crucial.
Equidad has a community centre that provides support and information and a safe place for LGBTs to meet. The organization undertakes two researches and each year regularly publicizes on issues relevant for the LGBT community, such as health, sexuality and culture. Their activities also target health units in Quito to include sexual health issues for LGBTs in their services. Next to providing information and social services to at least 300 beneficiaries yearly, Equidad aims to increase its beneficiaries and number of volunteers for the activities with 25% and 10% respectively.
Equidad joins in local and regional LGBT networks and participates in commissions. They organise at least three national level seminars on LGBT issues each year. Furthermore, the organisation influences politics in order for politicians to take LGBT issues into account in national and regional policies and to increase community and governmental support to the "Week of cultural diversity". Equidad presents a policy proposal tot the national congress and other decision making bodies on HIV/AIDs prevention in relation to LGBTs.

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