Zambia National Women\'s Lobby

The NWLG was established in 1991 by 100 women committed to equal participation of women in decision making at all levels through challenging discriminatory laws, institutions and systems.Despite the fact that 52 % of the Zambian population are women, few women occupy decision making positions. For example women only occupy 16 out of 158 seats in Parliament. The Cabinet has 25 members and only one is female. Out of 41 Permanent Secretaries, 8 are women. These statistics compiled in 1997 show that women are still marginalized in decision making and therefore can not expect their socio-economic situation to change.

The aim of the NWLG is to lobby for increased women's participation in decision making so that issues of women and children's rights can be dealt with effectively.

The target group for the NWLG are women who want to stand for political office and decision making positions in Zambia as well as policy makers. NWLG is a membership organization and to date it has
4 000 members throughout Zambia.

The activities of NWLG include training of women who want to stand for political office and other decision making positions in campaign skills, capacity to lobby for the improvement of women's position in society. Further NWLG seeks to sensitize the electorate on the benefits of voting for women members, at national and local government elections, as well as dissemination of information to create an awareness on the part of women to stand as candidates.

The motivation for Hivos support is that the programme seeks to create a conducive environment for women's empowerment. In turn efforts to bring about structural changes in institutions and systems will have long-term effects and is therefore sustainable in the long run.

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Membership organisation


Gender, Women and Development





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Zambia National Women's Lobby: Capacity Building of Women in Politics

DAC-sectors: Adult/Youth education (BSS)
Legal and judicial development
Human rights
activityCapacity building workshop for women in politics and NEC members
Direct outreach300 - Policy level/ public opinion
Indirect outreach1000 - Policy level/ public opinion
Contract total:87.314
Contractperiod:01-01-2007 until 30-04-2009 

ZNWL seeks to redress the problem of gender inequality in political and government decision-making in Zambia, the Zambia National Women's Lobby intends to Capacity building of women in politics to enable them influence decisions in their political Parties and local communities
The capacity building for Women in Politics includes Public speaking skills and media relations, Advocacy and lobbying skills;Resource mobilisation;Conflict management skills, International laws on women
Gender and democratic principles and other pertinent issues which will be seen as vital to Women In Politics.

ZNWL also wants to provide moral support to women who aspired for 2006 elections to enable them effectively articulate issues in the election after math.
To provide leadership skills to women in politics in order for them to articulate gender ideals and programmes.
To identify constraints to, and strategies for increased participation and representation of women in decision-making.

To achieve the above objectives,
The Zambia National Women's Lobby is expected to conduct four (4) capacity building workshops for Women In Politics particularly those who contested the 2006 parliamentary elections but did not make it.
The Zambia National Women's Lobby is expected to conduct consultative meeting with the Women In Politics
The Zambia National Women's Lobby is expected to conduct training of Women in National Executive Committees of political Parties.

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