Happy New Year Published | 28/12/2011

Hivos' New Year Wishes

Hivos wishes everybody a free, fair and sustainable 2012!

Published | 22/11/2011

Yacht and Hivos are proudly working together

From of this autumn Yacht and Hivos bundle their forces. Yacht, a Dutch secondment agency for professionals, wants to cooperate with Hivos in order to help to achieve Hivos' objectives. Besides, Hivos provides a special learning experience that contributes to the human resource development of Yacht.

Published | 31/10/2011

Energy supplier Greenchoice and Hivos join forces for a sustainable world

Climate change is one of the most pressing global problems caused by the ever increasing greenhouse gas emissions.  The Dutch energy supplier Greenchoice and Hivos join forces and offer a sustainable deal.

Published | 12/10/2011

Climate Neutral Group and Hivos join forces for a climate neutral world

Press Release

The Hague – Since September 21st, Hivos and Climate Neutral Group have joined forces. Together they will strive to realise their mutual objective of climate-neutral operation of as many organisations as possible. This is achieved by reducing emissions as much as possible and offsetting the remaining emissions through high quality sustainable energy projects.

Published | 21/09/2011

The Coffee Success: A Multi Actor Initiative

The success story of Hivos, the Kenyan organisation Sustainable Management Services (SMS), the Kenyan trade organisation Ecom/Sangana and the Swiss enterprise Ecom Agro-industrial Corporation, owner of both SMS and Sangana, has been published in the latest Dutch P+ (i.e. people, planet, profit) magazine. 

Grazing Cow Published | 25/08/2011

Rabobank and Hivos partnership: providing credit for biogas to small scale farmers

Over the last two  years Hivos partners in Indonesia constructed around 3,500 biogas  digesters for small cattle farming families. The Indonesia Domestic  Biogas Programme, better known as the BIRU programme, is managed by  Hivos with technical assistance from SNV and in close cooperation with  the Indonesian ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. The major goal  of this programme is to develop a self-reliant market based  biogas-sector in Indonesia which provides biogas services to cattle  farming communities.


The Iconic Island Round Table Discussion

Over the past few months we’ve been discussing our plans on how to transform the island of Sumba into a 100% sustainable energy driven community with numerous stakeholders… and the business community. We’ve been overwhelmed with the positive feedback and enthusiasm from the corporate sector and have learned about numerous ways companies are able to contribute to a common goal. Moreover, this project does not purely appeal to corporate philanthropy or corporate social responsibility, but provides for multiple routes of jointly building a positive business case.


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