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The Center for the Promotion and Defense of the Sexual and Reproductive Rights (PromSex) is a feminist non-governmental organization that aims to contribute in the access to sexual and reproductive health, justice and human security.

PromSex is a nongovernmental organization founded on February 25, 2005, constituted by men and women, professionals and activists, that aim to contribute with the validity of integrity and dignity of people in the access to sexual and reproductive health, justice and human security through political advocacy, and the promotion of knowledge and coordination with other civil social organizations. PROMSEX also worked intensely to make the medical and law guilds and the human rights organizationsget hold of these issues and make the agenda their own.

PromSex is a center for advice and transference of knowledge to multiple actors of the civil society, the local and national women movementand lesbian, gay, transvestites and bisexual organizations (LGTB) to increase their abilities of surveillance andpromotion of their rights.
One of PromSex activities is to organize information campaigns to advise the public opinion about subjects that generate controversy and opposition from some ultraconservative sectors, such as the AOE, therapeutic abortion, invalidate criminalization and stigmatization of abortion, access of teenagers to sexual and reproductive health services.

PromSex' aim for 2014 is to be a leader organization in the debate, surveillance and political

action to promote and defend equality in diversity and full exercise of sexual and reproductive rights providing evidence systematization and research. In accordance to its strategy for sustainability, PROMSEX will continue strengthening its prestige asa transparent and efficient institution.