Energy supplier Greenchoice and Hivos join forces for a sustainable world

Gepost op 31/10/2011

Climate change is one of the most pressing global problems caused by the ever increasing greenhouse gas emissions.  The Dutch energy supplier Greenchoice and Hivos join forces and offer a sustainable deal.


100% Green energy supplier Greenchoice and development organization Hivos strive for generating and using renewable energy wherever possible. For every new customer who joins Greenchoice, Greenchoice donates 10 euros for Iconic Island Sumba. A unique energy project at one of the poorest islands of Indonesia. At Sumba, Hivos works with the local community to make energy available for people with little or no income and to make existing energy supplies greener. Especially biogas, wind and water will in future provide the electricity and gas on Sumba. The shift to green energy sources requires investments.


The aim of Greenchoice and Hivos is to save energy in the Netherlands, having more people switch to renewable energy, while simultaneously provide people in developing countries access to green energy.


Greenchoice Energy

Green Choice has been working on the greening of the Dutch energy market for 10 years. Greenchoice only delivers green electricity and gas offsets. Together with more than 300,000 Dutch households, Greenchoice generates renewable energy in the Netherlands in the areas of wind, water and biomass. Besides that, they also make solar energy accessible to households.


Go to Greenchoice (in Dutch) and switch to green energy.

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